Complete catered menus

*Based on a minimum of 30 guests. There are two levels of pricing, one at $34.00 per person and one at $39.00 per person. These menus are listed with current pricing. As food prices continue to rise the pricing may need to be adjusted. Should you ask for a contract with deposit paid for your event at these prices the pricing will be honored regardless of any price changes after the contract is signed.
These dinners will be served buffet style. They include all chafing dishes, sterno, tongs, spoons etc. needed for service. You may choose items for a plated dinner also. They also include good quality disposable cups, plates, napkins and cutlery. They include all setup and breakdown of food and beverage items and trash removal. Your menu includes unlimited spring water and your choice of sweet and unsweet tea or lemonade. Ice and cups will also be provided.
                                             $34.00 per person ( Plus tax and gratuity) / Minimum of 30 adults
            SALAD:  / Your choice of garden salad or caesar salad
⦁ Garden Salad – Fresh hearts of romaine and spring mix. Tomatoes, shaved red onion and julienned carrots. Includes your choice of 2 dressings.
⦁ Dressing choices – Ranch, Balsamic vinaigrette, Lemon herb vinaigrette, Greek, Sesame ginger vinaigrette, Green goddess, 1,000 island, Strawberry vinaigrette, Roasted corn cilantro vinaigrette.
⦁ Classic Caesar Salad- Hearts of romaine, parmigian croutons, housemade caesar dressing.
⦁ Rolls – Warm dinner rolls with whipped butter are included
              SIDE DISHES @ $34.00 per person menu (Plus tax and gratuity) /Your choice of 2 side dishes are included
⦁ Macaroni and cheese
⦁ Mashed yukon gold potatoes
⦁ Fresh string beans with herbed butter
⦁ Roasted red potatoes with rosemary butter
⦁ Rice pilaf
⦁ Baked praline sweet potatoes
⦁ Stirfry of fresh zucchini, squash, spinach, mushrooms, onions, julienned carrots, bok choy
⦁ Roast corn macquechoux
⦁ Potato salad
⦁ Collard greens
⦁ Stir fried rice
⦁ Baked beans with ham hocks
⦁ Sauteed broccoli with herbed butter
⦁ Honey glazed carrots
⦁ French fries
               ENTREE CHOICES @ $34.00 per person menu (Plus tax and gratuity) / Your choice of 2 entrees are included
⦁ Grilled mahi mahi with coconut/lime sauce
⦁ Roasted chicken tuscan style
⦁ Grilled beef tips with tarragon/brandy sauce
⦁ Fried fish with hushpuppies, tartar sauce, lemon wedges and cocktail sauce
⦁ Chicken piccata with penne rigate pasta
⦁ Smoked chicken and andouille sausage jambalaya with creole sauce
⦁ Grilled chicken alfredo with pasta (penne, fettucine or bowtie)
⦁ Asian beef and broccoli with steamed rice
⦁ Smoked pork tenderloin with roasted apple and brandy sauce
⦁ Grilled tilapia on wild rice with lemon butter sauce
⦁ Blackened chicken with creole sauce
⦁ Smoked pulled pork
⦁ Smoked pulled chicken
⦁ Smoked sliced beef sirloin
⦁ Baked meat or cheese ravioli with marinara
⦁ Sliced honey/bourbon glazed ham
⦁ Sliced whole roast turkey with gravy
⦁ Eggplant parmigian with penne or bowtie pasta
⦁ Chicken parmigian with penne or bowtie pasta
⦁ Meatballs and italian sausage marinara with penne or bowtie pasta
⦁ Chicken fried steak with pepper gravy

⦁ Fried chicken tenders with french fries

SIDE DISHES @ $39.00 plus tax per person menu (Pus tax and gratuity)/Your choice of 2 side dishes are included

⦁ Fried green tomatoes with remoulade
⦁ Grilled asparagus with lemon aioli
⦁ 3 Cheese stone ground grits
⦁ Risotto with romano and parmigian cheeses, red wine risotto milanese
⦁ Creamed roasted corn
⦁ Haricot verts with herbed garlic butter
⦁ Roasted grilled vegetable platter with mushrooms, onion, broccoli, cauliflower, zucchini and squash
⦁ Baked potatoes with whipped butter, sour cream, green onion, cheddar cheese and real bacon bits
⦁ Baked butternut squash
⦁ Baked broccoli or cauliflower au gratin
                         ENTREE  CHOICES/For $39.00 plus tax per person menu (Plus tax ad gratuity)/ Your choice of 2 entrees are included/ Add 2 sides
⦁ Crab cakes with remoulade sauce
⦁ Smoked sliced beef brisket
⦁ Veal piccata with penne pasta
⦁ Sliced roasted prime rib with au jus sauce
⦁ 3 meat lasagna with marinara sauce (ground beef, chicken and  ground pork)
⦁ Grilled shrimp and vegetable kabobs
⦁ Chicken cordon bleu
⦁ Crab and shrimp stuffed grouper with lemon butter sauce
⦁ Linguine with clam sauce
⦁ Herb crusted grilled salmon
⦁ Veal or chicken marsala
⦁ Shrimp parmigian with penne pasta
⦁ Shrimp or crawfish etoufee
⦁ Kung pao shrimp and veggie skewers
⦁ Fried fish, shrimp and oysters with tartar sauce, cocktail sauce and lemon wedges
⦁ Grilled steak and veggi kabobs with peppers, onions and grape tomatoes
⦁ Crawfish pie
⦁ Key lime chicken with mango pinapple rice
⦁ Shrimp boil with corn, sausage, potatoes
KIDS MENU ( For children under 10 )
*$11.00 per child
⦁ Macaroni anc cheese
⦁ Chicken tenders with tater tots
⦁ Penne pasta with alfredo sauce
⦁ Grilled hot dogs with tater tots
⦁ Fruit and veggie plate
⦁ Meatballs and spaghetti
                                                                  APPETIZERS @ $5.50 PER PERSON
*Choose any number of these appetizers and hors d’oeuvres to add to your menu (Plus tax and gratuity).  These foods will be positioned on an appetizer table. Servers can be hired to pass the items if desired.
⦁ Chicken satay skewers
⦁ Beef tenderloin on crostini with horseradish cream
⦁ Tomato bruschetta crostini with vine ripe tomato, basil, garlic, extra virgin olive oil, reggiano parmigian cheese
⦁ Grilled veggie skewers with zucchini, squash, onion, mushroom and cherry tomato
⦁ Andouille sausage stuffed mushrooms with roast garlic glaze
⦁ Caprese skewers- Grape tomato, fresh mozzarella, basil oil
⦁ Mini crabcakes with remoulade
⦁ Boursin stuffed grape tomato skewers
⦁ Veggie eggrolls with soy ginger dipping sauce
⦁ Smoked chicken eggrolls with pico de gallo and lime crema sauces
⦁ Fried grouper fingers with remoulade and tartar sauce
⦁ Roast mushrooms stuffed with herbed goat cheese
⦁ Toasted (fried) ravioli with marinara sauce
⦁ Baked  brie on toast points with dried cherries
⦁ Macaroni and cheeese lollipops
⦁ Quesadillas – 3 cheese or grilled chicken with pico de gallo and sour cream
⦁ Potato latkes with sour cream and apple glaze
⦁ Fried oysters remoulade on crostini
⦁ Boneless chicken wings with bleu cheese and ranch for dipping
⦁ Pork pot stickers with soy ginger sauce
⦁ Spring roll wrapped grouper stick with soy ginger sauce and pineapple red chili sauce
⦁ Jumbo shrimp cocktail
⦁ Baked oysters rockefeller
⦁ Baked oysters lafitte
⦁ Coconut shrimp with orange sauce
⦁ Crab springrolls with soy ginger and pineapple red chili sauce
⦁ Spanikopita
⦁ Skewered bacon wrapped sea scallops with dijon/lime glaze
⦁ Mini beef wellington with sauce bernaise
⦁ Lamb lollipops with asian glaze or mint jam
⦁ Smoked tomato soup shooters with mini grilled cheese
⦁ Sushi with pickled ginger and soy ginger sauce: California roll, Veggie roll, Spicy shrimp roll
⦁ Mini panini sandwiches – Italian, Shrimp, Crab cakes, 4 cheese, Turkey and provolone. All with fresh made mayo or aioli
⦁ Tempura fried asparagus with soy ginger and pineapple red chili sauces.
⦁ Ahi tuna skewers with pineapple/mango glaze
⦁ Kung pao shrimp skewers with onions, green and red peppers
The pricing with these menus includes all setup and cleanup of food service items. It does not include table service or servers to pass appetizers.We have a full staff of highly qualified, trained professionals to bartend, serve and cook. Our chef attended stations require a uniformed chef to cook and serve the guests. The servers and bartenders wear black dress pants and a white tuxedo shirt. We pay each server, bartender and chef $225.00 each for an event. If you need tables, chairs or tent rental we will arrange this at no extra charge. You can pay the rental co. directly or we can do it for you. Hoping to meet you at your next event, In Good Taste,  Chef Tom Ford